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neurotimalAdvancedBrainThe evolution of NeurOptimal® came as the result of the careful clinical investigation and brilliant theoretical work. It occurred over years of focused effort, trial and error, and outstanding breakthroughs. Susan Cheshire, PhD, first entered the neurofeedback field in the early 90s. At that time, the field was represented by two disparate training methods. One was SMR/beta training focused towards ADD, and the other was alpha-theta training focused on personal transformation. Those who offered the former did not offer the latter–and there was no model of neurofeedback that attempted to integrate these disparate approaches.

Dr. Cheshire later teamed up with Dr. Val Brown who had integrated the two types of training into what he called the Five Phase Model. Even though it was an improvement, the methods used required that the clinician having to work from a more diagnostic approach and manage side effects.

Dr. Cheshire, now Dr. Cheshire Brown, and Dr. Val Brown worked together for many years to create NeurOptimal®, a breakthrough technology creating an essentially side-effect free neurofeedback system which assists the brain in reaching optimal function and assists the client in experiencing their life at its best.

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