BrainJoy is sponsoring Camelot Theatre’s Sunshine Boys running August 10th through September 11th

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Camelot Theatre, based out of the little town of Talent Oregon, has great community support of local actors and professionals throughout the southern Oregon area. Kathleen has worked with Camelot in Man of La Mancha and Rags as an actor and singer. After starting BrainJoy, Kathleen and her husband Mark were drawn to support the local theatre by sponsoring one of it’s shows and what better than one of the sweetest stories; Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys.

The story is set late 70’s early 80’s with two old vaudevillian actors; Willie Clark and Al Lewis. Willie Clark’s nephew and agent, Ben Silverman tries to get the cantankerous old coot work but because of Willie’s age and pride it has proven to be extremely difficult. It’s not until a Major TV network trying to air a show, paying tribute to the old stars, does Willie get a chance to have a final go at a comeback, however there is one catch, Willie must preform one of his old bits with Al Lewis and they haven’t seen each other in over 10 years due to “artistic differences”. Ben tries to balance the two’s relationship, while  walking them along the reality of their time and how show business has changed since they first started.

Originally the show debuted on Broadway in 1972, picking up Tony Awards for Best Play as well as Best Actor awards for Jack Albertson and Alan Arkin. It was revived in 1997 with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall. The 1975 Oscar winning movie brought together  Walter Matthau as Willie Clark  and  George Burns as Al Lewis. As the New York Post put it: “It’s ham on wry…Simon’s sure footed craftsmanship and his one liners are as exquisitely apt as ever.” And the New York Daily News said: “Another hit for Simon in a shrewdly balanced, splendid and rather touching slice of the show biz life.”

Art, theatre in this case, is an effective modality which has been demonstrated to help individuals to release deep emotional trauma. Therein lies the other connection with BrainJoy…non-invasive, creative means of expression aimed at creating happier people. Kathleen and some of the staff at BrainJoy who have worked with Camelot for several years and have been involved in theatre throughout their lives, value this understanding. We invite you to treat yourself to a performance of The Sunshine Boys and learn more about the Camelot Theatre’s upcoming season. Every production offers a performance whose ticket sales are donated to a local non-profit in the community as well as a Pay What you Can night. Please go to Camelot Theatre website for further information!