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Your brain is the control center for everything you do. It drives your visual and spatial senses, attention and concentration, memory, language and your ability to reason and be logical. When your brainwaves are out of balance, so is everything else. Imagine everything in sync and what your body can actually achieve! Read or watch the stories below to see how Brainwave Optimization has changed these people’s lives.

More Testimonials

“As a performer, I receive flowers after shows; but never before have I smelled them. On Saturday evening following a show, I was given flowers and I finally smelled them. The next day, my family BBQ’d some ribs–they were the tastiest ribs ever now that my smell is coming back. I’m only in the middle of my sessions too and my headaches have seemed to subside.”

“I had only eight sessions and achieved things I didn’t even expect. The changes started occuring during the very first session. After only half an hour of training I started to gain feeling in my heel which was numb for several years. I had swollen legs for a couple of years and this problem also went away after three days of training. My blood pressure went from 160-98 to 140 – 83. I also got rid of the pain in my neck which was bothering me for a long time.”