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In our society, when a person can’t sleep, there is a tendency to reach for a pill. Behind this habit is the idea that sleep is an issue of chemistry. Yet, a purely chemical model of sleep is highly limiting. There is a model of sleep aligned with an appreciation for the brain’s innate potential for healthy functioning and how healthy functioning corresponds to a state of the brainwaves, which we call balance and harmony. This model can help recover high-quality sleep. See how this model has help others with the testimonials below:

More Testimonials

“I wanted you to know how much BST has helped me. After completing just one session I felt calmer and less stressed. Since completing 12 sessions I am able to get quality sleep, feel relaxed, and able to focus throughout the day. My sleep patterns have gone from waking up four or five times a night to one or none. There is a calmness that I feel throughout the day and the tension in my neck and shoulders have significantly decreased. I am able to complete many more tasks in a day due to being focused and organized. It has only been a week since my last session and I continue to see improvements everyday.”

“I’m sleeping so well every night now, for me to do that is amazing as I’ve had years and years of disturbed sleep. I used to have restless legs, and now they don’t bother me in the night. I’m so very grateful.”
C.M., 62

“After my training I am now sleeping better than I ever have, and I am happy to say that my irritability / anger has decreased significantly. The anxiety I previously experienced is now in my control, meaning that I understand my own frustrations and can take effective measures to resolve issues, minimizing stress and anxiety. The best part of the technology is that I never had to mention a thing about my combat experiences as this is not a “talk” solution. I am truly thankful to BST for all the relief this training has brought to me and my family.”