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brainjoy-recovery-from-addictions“My anxiety and cravings have diminished. I have maintained my sobriety for over a year now. I find I am handling negative interactions with people better. I feel the emotions but let the upset pass. I am also exercising more and eating less.” SD, Medford, OR


A poor diet, dependence on the internet, gambling, recreational drugs, alcohol or other unresourceful activities are not a reflection of lack of will-power or poor moral character. They are indicative of the need to find balance, first in the brain, then in life. Address cravings and overcome ‘giving-in’ by listening to personalized NeurOptimal® neurofeedback as the music helps to empower you with greater capacity to respond resourcefully rather than react and regret.

Traumatic Brain Injuries
Head injuries can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. Whether you took a hard fall, banged your head in a car accident, suffered a concussion in a hockey game, sustained an assault or witnessed a blast in Iraq, your brain most likely experienced a trauma. This trauma can disrupt the synchronicity of the brain waves.

People with head injuries report mild to extreme symptoms: dizziness, blurred vision, migraine, cognitive impairment and even altered states of consciousness which can be caused by the imbalance of the brain function.

NeurOptimal® sessions at BrainJoy Neuro Wellness Center assist your brain to regaining its balanced state. While the technology is complex, the experience for you is peaceful and relaxing.   In fact, the experience consists of listening to music that is enhanced with neuro-signals which your brain innately understands and simultaneously needs to bring it back into balance.

Our team at BrainJoy has seen great improvements in our clients suffering from brain traumas ranging from improved speech and communications, cognitive abilities, memory, tremors, physical balance and more. We’ve even worked with a client recovering from a coma. There IS help! Call us Now!

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