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stress-free“Well friends, it’s Monday morning and I’m feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to take on the day! Whaaaaaat? I haven’t felt like this in AGES! After 4 sessions over a week and a half at BrainJoy, I’m down to taking 2 pills in the morning instead of 11 (don’t judge me… that’s how bad it was), I have energy, I feel good, I’ve lost 5 lbs, my head pain is almost completely gone, and I can just THINK better! I’m so excited!!!!! All you need to bring is an open mind. Thank you Kathleen, for ALL you have done so far. It has already changed my life!” Suzie ~ Ashland, OR

Many individuals living with chronic pain never truly learn the source of their suffering. For instance, of those who seek help from a health care provider for headaches, only one third say they ever receive a diagnosis. Back pain can haunt people for years without having relief.

When the doctor tells you, “It’s all in your head,” there’s sometimes more truth to this than many realize. While we at BrainJoy encourage clients to seek out all appropriate medical care, our team takes a direct route to the brain itself.

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback helps by creating greater flexibility and resilience in the brain and central nervous system which promotes greater relaxation. When we can relax, everything starts to feel better. This is where we begin.



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