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brainjoy-peace-and-calm“Brain Joy has literally changed my life. I traveled an hour and a half to get sessions at Brain Joy because they are so worth it! I have suffered all my life from headaches and they have reduced at least 90%. My anxiety used to wake me up in the night in a panic and it is now gone! Before BrainJoy I used to not want to leave the house, and now I can be in public feeling calm and confident. I love the Neuroptimal method of brain training so much. Kathleen and her team are wonderful people who really cared about me and my progress. It was a wonderful experience and I would do it forever if I didn’t live so far away!”AT ~ Mt. Shasta, CA

Think about how your body sometimes feels tight and stiff. Now imagine how it starts to loosen-up in a nice hot shower or bath. Notice how you more easily bend, reach and stretch after the warm soak. That’s your muscles becoming more flexible as they relax. Now imagine melting into a comfy recliner and listening to relaxing music. The music with personalized neurofeedback is like the hot shower but for your brain.

As you listen to the music, you are creating greater flexibility and resilience in your brain and central nervous system which in turn helps you achieve deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace and greater calm than you may have experienced in a long time. It’s quite the treat!


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