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What is NeurOptimal?

NeurOptimal® is a type of neurofeedback that is 100% non-invasive and drug-free. NeurOptimal® assists the brain and central nervous system in making the best use of the inherent ability to reorganize and optimize function.

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How does NeurOptimal® work?

NeurOptimal® is similar to physical training for the body, in that it limbers or strengthens the brain, returning the brain and central nervous system to a healthier and more natural state.

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How many NeurOptimal sessions will I need?

Everyone’s central nervous system is unique. As a result, predicting the exact number of NeurOptimal® sessions will vary. After tens of thousands of sessions, it is possible to provide general guidelines or rules of thumb.

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What are sessions like?

Relax and rejuvenate while reclining in a Zero-Gravity chair listening to the music of your brain.

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NeurOptimal® Sessions at BrainJoy greatly enhance well-being and help to bring balance back to the brain. The result is a more open and positive mindset, an increased capacity to overcome obstacles and a more solution-oriented, balanced and resourceful getting the most out of life.

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More Research

Clinicians all over the world have shared their clients’ experiences.

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