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boyreadingbookMy son is now invested in his life, making better choices! With the onset of puberty and the changes that come with it, my wonderful son really struggled. His academics declined. Respect for others and for himself diminished. He eventually tried Marijuana and alcohol at 14. As his mother, I tried every resource in our valley to help him. Nothing worked. Then I approached Kathleen from BrainJoy. Earlier she helped my son with improved concentration for academics and sports through NeuroOptimal® neurofeedback and my son excelled!

With her guidance and expertise, my son took targeted amino acid supplementation for his brain and began eating healthy food more consistently. For the first time in almost a year, my son is now invested in his life, making better choices, discussing goals and is nourishing his body and brain. He feels better and I see the results firsthand. Kathleen and her passion for helping make a difference in the lives of others that are struggling is a gift. A true gift to our community. I do not know where my son would be without neuro nutrient therapy. It’s a life changer. Thank you BrainJoy!” DL ~ Medford, OR

Good diet and exercise are among the most popular goals we encounter. In the last fifty years, obesity has become an epidemic in many countries. Instead of enjoying the natural taste of food, people’s bodies become addicted to preservatives and ‘food products’.

Expanding your awareness of the deleterious effects of chemical-laden foods and physical inactivity is an important step in returning to a healthy, fulfilling life. Many understandably find this to be an uphill battle. It is nearly impossible to achieve sustainable, long-term success in weight management when your brain is out of balance. This is where NeurOptimal® sessions and neuro nutrient therapy can play a decisive role.

BrainJoy owner, Kathleen Kellenbeck will be the first to say that she teaches what she needs to learn most: consistent application of healthy choices. This is one of the primary reasons she and her husband Mark opened BrainJoy. Finally, neuro science, technology and neuro nutrition have come together to provide a long-term solution to weight management. Let’s support your healthy brain toward healthy choices and a happy life!

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