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Deep Sadness
 Helps with Deep Sadness

When we first came to BrainJoy our daughter suffered with depression. It has helped her so much she is almost a different girl! ~DH, Ashland, OR

Impulse Control
 Food Cravings Have Stopped Doing Neuro-Nutrient Therapy with Kathleen has been a game changer for me! My food cravings have shifted from sugar to protein – I don’t even want the things I used to binge on. I feel satisfied now when I eat, and my concentration and mood is solid and good. I am no longer finding myself in unexpected patches of despair. I have trackable momentum in my life and I know that I am here for myself. These seismic changes just sort of happened as I followed Kathleen’s directives day by day. Kathleen’s insights are extraordinary. Her sense of humor and pure faith in my success enabled me to look at some hard things and keep on taking the right steps. I am joyfully grateful! Thank you!

CW ~ Ashland, OR

Pain Reduction

Pain Relief The 13 sessions I had at BrainJoy helped me so much. The constant pain and muscle tightness I suffered with for the past two years is totally manageable without all the medications. I feel so good we are repainting our house. I have enough stamina to drive long distances and feel good enough to visit old friends.. I can’t thank you enough.

TK ~ Crescent City, California

My Headaches Are Gone When I first came to BrainJoy I had headaches that made me feel almost suicidal. I had huge stress and tight muscles all the time. I slept terribly and often woke up feeling like I had been run over by a bulldozer. Now I sleep well, wake up before my alarm clock feeling well rested and energized. I have a positive attitude and feel clearer and more focused. I realized that I had my shoulders up around my ears because, as a full-time mom, I was always doing everything for everyone else and was way too busy. Now, my headaches are gone and I don’t take on what doesn’t belong to me. Thank you Kathleen for BrainJoy and for being online for me to find you. You’ve changed my life. I don’t know what I would have done without you.

~ Oregon

Weight Loss

Lost 27 lbs in less than 2 months Dear Brainjoy, I thought I would share an update with you since my brain training to help with my emotional eating in July. I have since started a great exercise and eating program that I am LOVING! I started that on November 1st and have since lost 27 lbs. (it hasn’t even been 2 months). I feel great and am excited to continue my journey in achieving my goals for 2012. Thanks for the great job and support!

RR ~ Rogue River, OR

I don’t eat emotionally anymore I honestly wasn’t sure what I would actually achieve and was a bit anxious about the process and the results. So before I started I made a list of what I hoped it would do for me. Before the brain training I used to tell my husband I wished my emotional life could just be easier. Those who struggle with emotional eating know what I mean. I am happy to say that I have experienced all I had hoped for and more. The results completely exceeded my expectations. I did the weight loss protocols and am enjoying the results. I am writing this 4 weeks after my training. I don’t eat emotionally any more. I don’t feel that anxiousness nagging feeling that I used to get. I am calmer and less reactive to stress. I am much, much happier and joyful. People I work with have noticed a change in me. I am exercising regularly in fact I can’t not exercise I just want to. I am eating healthy sticking to my new eating plan easily. I just can’t believe it! The process was easy, painless, and very pleasant. Kathleen was awesome to work with and really took very good “care” of me. As a bonus benefit I am sleeping amazingly! I would recommend it to everyone I know. It has truly changed my life. I have no regrets. It is the best investment I have ever made in myself. Thank you so much for sharing Brain Joy with me. You have changed my life!

RR ~ Rogue River, OR

Improved Sleep

Huge Difference in My Sleep I LOVE the treatment!! I was so relaxed, but in such a refreshing non stress energetic way- if that makes sense? Definitely a HUGE difference in my evening and my sleep! I have to come back for more! PS ~ Medford, OR

Sleeping Better Since my sessions with Brain Joy my sleep habits have been wonderful . I have not had to use additional sleeping aids really at all. I truly feel it was a complete success for the goals I had set forth. I have considered coming in for a tuneup purely for the enjoyment of it. JC

More Focus, Better Sleep, Happy Mood Getting ready for my last session for a while… This has been great! I am more focused, sleep better and more soundly, and I am always in a happy mood able to brush off negative things with ease. All in all, I am feeling much better inside and out with my Brain Joy sessions. I would recommend this to everyone! VC ~ Medford, OR

BrainJoy is a life changer! I had the amazing opportunity to experience the positive effects of brain training sessions at BrainJoy. I had just gone through a divorce and learning to relive and organize my life. It’s been over a year, and BrainJoy certainly made the difference in keeping my business and home functioning during the stressful times. I sleep better and have much better focus. Thank You BrainJoy!!! HC ~ Ashland, OR

Sleeping Better, More Focus and No Night Snacking I wanted to thank both of you for the opportunity to experience the BrainJoy intensive. Several big changes I have noticed over the past few weeks. 1. Night Snacking – I’m no longer snacking at night. 2. When I go to bed I’m falling asleep AND sleeping the entire night. 3. When I wake up in the morning I’m more alert and ready to do. 4. Focus. I’m able to focus better and all the little interruptions I have during the day are not as bothersome as they have been in the past. Thank you again and I will keep you posted on my progress. CE ~ Medford, OR

Improved Sleep and Reduced Writing Disorder Kathleen has a very comfortable bedside manner that is coupled with strong knowledge on the technology she uses to help her clients. It is clearly her passion! She helped my son improve his sleep and reduced the impact his writing disorder was having on his life. His grades rose significantly, as did his confidence and inner joy. I am grateful to what Kathleen was able to accomplish and would highly recommend her. KD ~ Medford, OR

More Focus, Less Reaction to Stress, and Sleeping Better Kathleen Kellenbeck is knowledgeable, intuitive and the beauty of her own transparency makes it so easy to relax into the process. Lacey Avon is also wonderful and easy to relate with. In just 5 sessions I have experienced the joy of more focus, less reaction to stress, being able to go to actual sleep by 1030 pm and wake refreshed and ready to roll between 630 and 700am. This from someone who was up until 1am and felt exhausted most of the time, no matter how much sleep I got.

My 15 year old son is also experiencing in his words “significant improvement” with his sleep patterns and healing from a sports injury. He is better able to concentrate on schoolwork and is moving forward!

BrainJoy is an absolute gift to anyone who is not feeling 100% great about the way their mind/body/emotions are treating them. This experience has been an answer to prayers and I give my heartfelt thanks! PS ~ Medford, OR

Improved Sleep As a client, I can say with all certainty that the technology that BrainJoy offers is not like any other I have experienced. The sessions made a significant, positive difference in my outlook on every day life. I had RLS (restless leg syndrome) and now I can sleep through the night. I am living proof that it works. Thank you BrainJoy! DM ~ Medford, OR

Anxiety Relief

Allowed Me To Move Forward After BrainJoy, the feelings of anger left like the air out of a balloon. I am focused and following my dreams! Set me free, allowed me to move forward! Forever grateful! CV ~ Medford, Oregon

Mental Clarity I am truly thankful to Kathleen and her staff Tracy and Caitlin at BrainJoy. After my first treatment felt calm and relaxed. The very next morning I had the most peaceful and relaxed morning that I had had in months after suffering through to many mornings of severe anxiety! With my continued treatments I was able to reduce my medication and still feel peaceful and confident. It was just what I needed to have the mental clarity and peace of mind to change the life patterns that were contributing to my anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. I also appreciate that Kathleen is a Certified NeurOptimal Trainer and can offer helpful information and recommendations on diet and supplements that can help my brain while weaning off of medication under the care of my psychiatrist, who is very supportive of the training I have done at BrainJoy! LC ~ Grants Pass, Oregon

Anxiety is gone Brain Joy has literally changed my life. I traveled an hour and a half to get sessions at Brain Joy because they are so worth it! I have suffered all my life from headaches and they have reduced at least 90%. My anxiety used to wake me up in the night in a panic and it is now gone! Before BrainJoy I used to not want to leave the house, and now I can be in public feeling calm and confident. I love the Neuroptimal method of brain training so much. Kathleen and her team are wonderful people who really cared about me and my progress. It was a wonderful experience and I would do it forever if I didn’t live so far away! AT ~ Mt. Shasta, CA

Anxiety is lower I feel like now I’m better adjusted to dealing with different situations. I have stopped worrying so much. I’m more decisive. My anxiety is lower and I get irritated less. BrainJoy was well worth the investment. I’m glad I’ve done it.” AT ~ Eagle Point, OR

Sleep, Anxiety, and Focus BrainJoy helped me with my sleep, anxiety, ability to focus and connect the dots … I was having such trouble focusing that just reading something simple caused me anxiety. Now I can not only read, I’m enjoying it again! First time in years! I’m also feeling more balanced and calm in my life. I highly recommend BrainJoy! I was treated with the greatest professionalism, compassion and achieved results! MB ~ Ashland, OR

BrainJoy Really Helped My Teenage Daughter I would like to thank everyone at BrainJoy for helping my daughter with her brain training sessions. Unfortunately she had a rough start in life with physical and emotional traumas and although she is very sweet we wanted her to have the best in life. At 13 its hard to communicate but what she expressed to us is that she feels much less anxious and greater happiness! These words are music to our ears, we wanted to be proactive for her and give her a chance to make a difference after all she had been through earlier in life – to no fault of her own. BrainJoy gave her confidence and the belief that she is special and able to control her own destiny. Thank you for your caring hearts and for bringing this amazing technology to our area — we are very fortunate to have experienced these cutting edge treatments for our family.

KJF ~ Medford, OR

Anxiety just melted away! I was extremely anxious just prior to a medical procedure and brain training at Brain Joy helped me tremendously. I was having such anxiety that my breathing was very shallow. I felt a knot in my stomach and I couldn’t concentrate. After a brain training session I felt so much better. Thank you Brain Joy! MB ~ Medford, OR

Better Sleep, Focus and Less Anxiety If you want to take that next step in your life BrainJoy is the place to go. I am now sleeping better; I have better focus and less anxiety. I researched this method for over 30 hours before I said yes. Now, we have our son going through it as well. LMK ~ Grants Pass, OR

Fear and Anxiety Dropped Before I started my sessions with BrainJoy I was about to undergo chemotherapy for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I had a tremendous amount of fear around the prospect of infusing those chemicals into my body. My desire was to see them as good chemicals bringing me life but the fear was in the way. So when I began my first treatments just prior to my first chemotherapy treatment I could not have dreamed that the fear would completely dissipate and the experience of infusion would actually go as well as it did. Another result of BrainJoy was that my anxiety level dropped significantly. I had always been anxious although always under control. It never interfered with my daily life but it was always there at a subliminal level. Now I cannot find it unless there truly is something to be anxious about. As I move further from my sessions I see ways in which I have changed. It has been an excellent experience. FP ~ Medford, OR

Clarity & Focus

My son is now invested in his life, making better choices With the onset of puberty and the changes that come with it, my wonderful son really struggled. His academics declined. Respect for others and for himself diminished. He eventually tried Marijuana and alcohol at 14. As his mother, I tried every resource in our valley to help him. Nothing worked. Then I approached Kathleen from BrainJoy. Earlier she helped my son with improved concentration for academics and sports through NeuroOptimal neurofeedback and my son excelled!

With her guidance and expertise, my son took targeted amino acid supplementation for his brain and began eating healthy food more consistently. For the first time in almost a year, my son is now invested in his life, making better choices, discussing goals and is nourishing his body and brain. He feels better and I see the results firsthand. Kathleen and her passion for helping make a difference in the lives of others that are struggling is a gift. A true gift to our community. I do not know where my son would be without neuro nutrient therapy. It’s a life changer. Thank you BrainJoy! DL ~ Medford, OR

Bright-Eryed and Bushy-Tailed Well friends, it’s Monday morning and I’m feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to take on the day! Whaaaaaat? I havent felt like this in AGES! After 4 sessions over a week and a half at BrainJoy, I’m down to taking 2 pills in the morning instead of 11 (don’t judge me… thats how bad it was), I have energy, I feel good, I’ve lost 5 lbs, my head pain is almost completely gone, and i can just THINK better! I’m so excited!!!!! All you need to bring is an open mind. Thank you Kathleen, for ALL you have done so far. It has already changed my life! Suzie ~ Ashland, OR

Calm, Focused and Eating Less After finishing my third session, I left your office feeling great! I am calmer, more focused and I notice that I am eating less. Over the last couple of decades I worked through several traumas (child sexual abuse, the death of my son) and I know that anything I can do for myself that makes me feel better about “me” is valuable. Thank you! VMH ~ Ashland, OR

More Relaxed, Balanced, Clear-Headed I just wanted to reconnect and thank you once more for allowing me to experience BrainJoy. Even the next day I felt so relaxed, balanced and clear-headed (I definitely had more patience with the kiddos)! CB ~ Central Point, OR

BrainJoy Offers Clarity and Relaxtion I went to BrainJoy last summer when visiting family in Oregon. When I got home I felt so clear and relaxed, not just from having been on vacation but in my head. I have more patience and let things go much more easily. I didn’t know what to expect but I’m really glad I did it. NW~New York

Better Focus and Memory These sessions made my life so much better. Better focus, better memory, more accepting, less stress. The staff is first rate, the setting is beautiful and the results are wonderful. There are so many areas this can help. SP ~ Ashland, OR

Performance Enhancement
BrainJoy Took Me To A Whole New Level Athletically As a 19 year old dance student at a performing arts college in Los Angeles I worked very hard to be my best mentally and athletically. BrainJoy took me to a whole new level in that quest. I found after my intensive that I could pick up choreography quicker and was much better at achieving my nutrition goals. I feel clearer and more directed on what I am doing. All I can say is that BrainJoy works — being my ultimate best every day gives me a competitive advantage in a very stressful environment. EF ~ Hollywood, CA
Improved Learning
Went from poor math scores to A’s I’m so grateful to BrainJoy for the beautiful changes in my 14 year old son after one full round of treatments. He sleeps through the night again, went from poor math scores to A’s and has an elevated overall disposition. All parents want their kids to experience happiness, and BrainJoy has directly impacted my son’s happiness. This, in turn, has empowered him to create success in many areas in his life. His results continue to grow as time goes by. Thanks again! You have been a real gift. KG ~ Medford, OR
Enhanced Wellbeing

Feel more balanced I have had several sessions of BrainJoy and it has helped me feel more balanced, better memory, and several emotional triggers have resolved! JJ ~ Medford, OR

BrainJoy Provides The Ability To Work at Your Maximum Potential I was astonished at the results after going through the BrainJoy experience. The clarity and sense of well being gave me the ability to work at what I consider my maximum potential. The timing of the BrainJoy sessions was probably one of the busiest times of my career and I truly BELIEVE because of the sessions – I flew through the challenges with flying colors. Sharp, calm and focused is now my norm. The facility is impeccable and the staff outstanding — BrainJoy was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. KF ~ Medford, OR

Heal Your Brain – Heal Your Body! BrainJoy is the BEST, REALLY it is!!!! I cannot explain in words but truly it changes your brain in such a powerful way! Our brain effects everything in our bodies. Heal your brain and you heal your body! JC~Ashland,OR

Working With Families

Entire Family Improving This is an excerpt from a lengthy email recently sent to us by a client. Names have been removed for privacy. We have had the privilege of working with 3 generations of this family ranging in age from 10 to 80.

“NeurOptimal continues to be one of the best things we have found. We just wish everything worked as well. I do miss the TLC you and your team gave us.

When my husband first started NeurOptimal with your kind and generous help, just 2 and a half months ago, he was on a scary, steep and slippery slope cognitively. He was in despair and truly didn’t think he would make it to his 80th birthday party, and didn’t want to go because he was in such bad shape. He didn’t think he would be able to remember anybody’s name, nor be able to talk to people. He also knew it would be exhausting.

As skeptical as he was at first, he gleefully looks forward to his sessions because he feels so good after each one. When he first started with you, I had high hopes, but would have been happy just to have the depression lifted and the anxiety under control. By the end of the month, with 3 sessions a week, he was no longer depressed and his anxiety was definitely under better control. Additionally, his balance and gait were better, and his stride longer and more confident. His driving is stronger and more confident, and he is no longer threatened (by me) with losing his license. He no longer has that blank, confused and anxious look on his face, and his verbal responses are stronger and quicker.

His doctor noticed the differences during his last appointment 3 weeks ago and, in fact, told my husband that he looks younger. Although his memory is better, he still has a long way to go. For the first time in several years, he has a positive outlook for the quality of his life in the years that he has remaining.

While friends at his 80th birthday party could see is that he is not the person he used to be, all l I can see is the amazing amount of progress he has made since starting NeurOptimal, and so can he. He feels internal changes, but can’t really express exactly what they are–he just knows he is improving.

I too look forward to my daily sessions and continue to have virtually no tremor. If the concussion headache starts, just a little, a session gets rid of it. I know I’m functioning better mentally, and the pain in my back and hip is far less.

It is so exciting to see our 10 year old grandson be, generally, such a happy and cooperative boy, and doing so well in his main-stream class. I know his success has a lot to do with his NeurOptimal sessions. Also, my daughter’s confidence and calmer demeanor make me so happy to see. I know this is a combination of the NeurOptimal sessions, and having her son doing so much better.

I continue to refer people to BrainJoy. Thank you for all you’ve done, and continue to do. It is a wonderful journey.” LR ~ Medford, OR

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