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Many individuals living with chronic pain never truly learn the source of their suffering.  For instance, of those who seek help from a health care provider for headaches, only a third say they ever receive a diagnosis.  And back pain can haunt people for years without having relief.

When the doctor tells you, “It’s all in your head,” there’s sometimes more truth to this than many realize.  While we at BrainJoy encourage clients to seek out all appropriate medical care, our team takes a direct route to the brain itself.  Relief can now come from an amazing non-invasive drug-free process called NeurOptimal® and BrainJoy of Medford, Oregon offers NeurOptimal® sessions for people suffering from various forms of chronic pain with great results.


My mother had one session before I left for Europe. Told me the next day it did nothing. When I came back from Europe she was shocked to realize that she stopped taking tylenol and advil. She took 6 tylenols/day for the past 10 yrs due to herniated disk and chronic back pain, had problem sleeping, and always felt anxious. After only one session, she is not taking her tylenol, sleeps better and feels better!!!! For me it is a miracle. It took her 3 weeks to realize it. A colleague told me that the client with chronic pain knows well when they have pain but don’t notice right away when it goes away. The results are encouraging”.
D.D., NeurOptimal® Trainer, Montreal, QC, Canada

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“BrainJoy is the BEST, REALLY it is!!!! I cannot explain in words but truly it changes your brain in such a powerful way! And our brain effects everything in our bodies. Heal your brain and you heal your body!”


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People all over the world are reporting that balancing their brain has empowered them to embrace their talents, their loved ones, and their lives like never before.  Now you too can easily become part of the Balanced Brain Movement.  It begins with a FREE consultation at BrainJoy. Contact Us Today!

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