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Learning Disabilities BrainJoy Can Help

 Have you been looking for a drug free answer to developmental issues for yourself or someone you love?

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Testmonial: “My 14 year old son has seen many specialists for a learning disability…after BrainJoy he went from poor math scores to A’s and has an overall elevated disposition.”
Kathy G., Medford, OR

Are you or does someone you love struggle with a learning disability? Do you have trouble concentrating or staying on task? Are you a student who is struggling to succeed academically? Do you feel like something is holding you back from reaching your full potential?

BrainJoy can help you unlock your success!

Many people struggle with developmental issues every day, ranging from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Dyslexia to cognitive and neurological disorders.  For years most people believed that prescription drugs were the only answer to managing these issues. Today there is an alternative that does not involve medications or harmful side effects.


At BrainJoy, we use NeurOptimal®, a fifth generation neurofeedback technology to assist the brain in finding its natural balance and create new neuro pathways which result in improved memory, concentration, and learning.  Clients express gratitude for improved concentration, memory, and academic achievements as the result of NeurOptimal® sessions at BrainJoy.


 Improved Sleep, Enhance Academic Performance, Happiness Regained

I’m so grateful to BrainJoy for the beautiful changes in my 14 year old son after only 12 sessions.  He sleeps through the night again, went from poor math scores to A’s and has an elevated overall disposition. All parents want their kids to experience happiness, and BrainJoy has directly impacted my son’s happiness. This, in turn, has empowered him to create success in many areas in his life. His results continue to grow as time goes by. Thanks again! You have been a real gift.”   KG ~ Medford, OR


Improved Sleep and Reduced Writing Disorder

“Kathleen has a very comfortable bedside manner that is coupled with strong knowledge on the technology she uses to help her clients. It is clearly her passion! She helped my son improve his sleep and reduced the impact his writing disorder was having on his life. His grades rose significantly, as did his confidence and inner joy. I am grateful to what Kathleen was able to accomplish and would highly recommend her.”
KD ~ Medford, OR
March 2013




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People all over the world are reporting that balancing their brain has empowered them to embrace their talents, their loved ones, and their lives like never before.  Now you too can easily become part of the Balanced Brain Movement. It begins with a FREE consultation at BrainJoy. Contact us today!

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