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Neuro Nutrition Therapy

Depression and anxiety have tripled in the last ten years. Neuro Nutrition Therapy (NNT) without the use of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or anti-depressants rapidly improves a client’s mental and emotional wellbeing. BrainJoy utilizes brain-fueling, brain chemistry balancing amino acids combined with a balanced-protein, healthy-fat, veggie-rich diet to achieve dependable results.  Neuro Nutrition Therapy lifts the dark cloud of depression, restores motivation, relieves anxiety and stress, comfort oversensitive feelings, releases emotional eating, promotes recovery from addiction and provides a reliable alternative to anti-depressants.  Neuro Nutrition Therapy begins with a 4-part questionnaire to identify one’s mood type, as well as additional questionnaires to hone in on the client’s needs more specifically. We then proceed with an initial suitability interview to obtain a full picture of the client’s challenge and to determine whether they would be a good fit for this approach. In the event that we proceed in working together, we employ our expertise in recommending targeted nutrients, striving to correct the brain’s neurotransmitter functions which may be deficient or out of balance, all the while educating the client on how they may ultimately replace supplements with live food.


Nutrition Therapy

Nutritional Therapy consists of optimal food choices, high-quality supplements, and lifestyle changes.  Beyond healing and improved health, Nutritional Therapy is about educating our clients to the true root causes of their symptoms, providing the opportunity to prevent reoccurrence. Our Nutritional Therapy services include full nutritional assessments, functional evaluation with lingual neuro testing, client specific nutrition therapy protocols, and bi-weekly nutritional coaching.  We offer services to individuals, families, couples, and small groups. Nutrition therapy may also be provided via live video conferencing for those who live at a distance.

As a certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (NTP) the use of Functional Evaluation and Lingual Neuro Testing (LNT) is the difference between a generic nutritional therapy plan and a personalized one.  Following a Functional Evaluation, results are correlated to the health intake survey to confirm the evaluation’s findings.  Next LNT is performed to ascertain the optimal and therapeutic nutrients need by the client’s body.   If a nutritional supplement is supportive, test improvement can be vast – taking an initial score of 10 to a 2 or 3.  This a positive sign that the nutrient is needed.  Multiple supplements are test to find the most useful one(s).  When the client returns for follow-up visits the overall process is repeated, until the client is symptom-free and consistently feeling well.


Together these modalities provide supportive solutions to health and wellness.

Consultations in these areas are offered as individual services or in combination.

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