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Nutrition Therapy
The ‘gut’ is often considered the second brain. The more you nourish your body, the more efficiently your brain will function.

How We Help

Restful, nourishing sleep makes everything better…

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Peace and Calm
Like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, achieve deep relaxation…

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Focus and Memory
Crystal clear and laser focused…

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Healthy Choices
Good diet and exercise are among the most popular goals we encounter…

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Respond resourcefully rather than reacting…

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Peak Performance
Improve your mental focus and physical performance...

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Physical Comfort
Promote greater relaxation in the brain and central nervous system...

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Development and Learning
Improve performance in school without drugs...

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Why BrainJoy

How It Works
It’s enjoyable, effective and effortless!

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NeurOptimal® Sessions are affordable, costing one third of what competing technologies charge, and the long-term value is priceless.

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NeurOptimal® Sessions are convenient, usually 45 minutes in duration, either at home or easily scheduled during your lunch hour, on your way to or from work, as a break within the day’s errands, or anytime you choose!

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Community Involvement
We believe that giving is a privilege and a gift...

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Kathleen Kellenbeck

Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer

neuroptimal-certified-advanced-trainerKathleen Kellenbeck is the heart behind BrainJoy and the voice for the Medford-based company that brings balance and harmony through NeurOptimal® sessions. Through BrainJoy, Kathleen connects her life’s journey with her extensive education, studies in holistic healing arts, a passion for neuroanatomy, and the latest in brain-balancing technology.

Kathleen is a Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Psychobiology and Premed Curriculum from New York University. During her career, Kathleen served as a patient advocate at Beth Israel Medical Center and patient-family liaison at the NYU Medical Center Intensive & Cardiac Care Units, as well as running the pediatric epidemiology research lab.

In 2011, along with her husband Mark, Kathleen co-founded BrainJoy, where together they offer non-invasive NeurOptimal® sessions to clients seeking to improve their well-being, struggling with addictions, stress, insomnia, eating disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, learning disabilities and other life issues.
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Mark Kellenbeck

Co-Owner and Business Manager

Mark is the retired founding co-principle of Cascade Management Inc., an affordable housing and care community management company with over 200 facilities in Oregon and Washington. In his 30 plus years in the industry he received numerous awards recognizing his contribution to the industry including the Harley Youngblood award for outstanding leadership and the Keeper of the Dream award for his key role in regulatory reform. Mark has great interest in what supports and enhances the health and vibrancy of individuals and communities.

After reading about and then firsthand seeing the benefits others have experienced with NeurOptimal® sessions, Mark decided to investigate this exciting new technology further. The next step was to personally experience the process, and after only a handful of sessions Mark was convinced this was a technology that he and Kathleen needed to bring to southern Oregon. Read Mark’s complete bio here*


My Headaches are Gone

When I first came to BrainJoy I had headaches that made me feel almost suicidal. I had huge stress and tight muscles all the time. I slept terribly and often woke up feeling like I had been run over by a bulldozer. Now I sleep well, wake up before my alarm clock feeling well rested and energized. I have a positive attitude and feel clearer and more focused. I realized that I had my shoulders up around my ears because, as a full-time mom, I was always doing everything for everyone else and was way too busy. Now, my headaches are gone and I don’t take on what doesn’t belong to me. Thank you Kathleen for BrainJoy and for being online for me to find you. You’ve changed my life. I don’t know what I would have done without you.


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Allowed Me To Move Forward

After BrainJoy, the feelings of anger left like the air out of a balloon. I am focused and following my dreams! Set me free, allowed me to move forward! Forever grateful!

~CV, Medford, Oregon

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Pain Relief

The 13 sessions I had at BrainJoy helped me so much. The constant pain and muscle tightness I suffered with for the past two years is totally manageable without all the medications. I feel so good we are repainting our house. I have enough stamina to drive long distances and feel good enough to visit old friends. I can’t thank you enough.

~TK, Crescent City, Califonia

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BrainJoy Helps Depression

I believe that due to family dynamics I was mildly depressed most of my life. Waking/sleeping transitions were always the hardest times of day for me. Iʼve read a lot of self-help books, had various forms of counseling, meditated, and done thousands of affirmations. Who knows what I would be like if I had not done those things, but I was still feeling like I was missing something – some degree of success or happiness that I ought to have been able to achieve. In September 2011, I did brain training with BrainJoy in Medford, OR. I didnʼt notice much of a change at first, though my friends claimed to.


~SM, Grant Pass, OR

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Sleep Better and More Focused

This has been great! I am more focused, sleep better and I am always in a happy mood, able to brush off negative things with ease. All in all, I am feeling much better inside and out with my BrainJoy sessions. I would recommend this to everyone!


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